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How To Travel Salzburg

Updated: May 11, 2023

Your how to guide to travel Salzburg by Salzburg Experience

How To Travel Salzburg
How To Travel Salzburg

If you have a wanderlust then Salzburg in Austria is a place you must visit! This city is extremely rich in the context of its culture, history, cuisines and not to forget Mozart connection. The streets of the city ooze out with serenity, positivity and the legacy of Mozart. In fact, you can find excellent musicians in every third house of Salzburg and that’s not the only quality this place holds. The city literally has so much to offer and if you happen to get severely indulged in the prerequisite of Austria and its heritage then Salzburg is the city to explore.

Why travel Salzburg

It's no surprise that Salzburg's slogan is "Stage of the World." That's a lot of power to cram into a little city.

Salzburg, on the other hand, is a wonderful spot to roam and absorb the history that distinguishes it from other Austrian cities engraved with unique Habsburg style and spirit. Salzburg is ageless while maintaining a young energy; it is well-known without being obscenely packed, and it is lovely in a manner that you know about but only feel when you visit.

Arrival and feasibility

Salzburg is located in the heart of Austria, as well as the geographic centre of Europe. The City of Mozart may be reached through a variety of modes of transportation, including automobile, train, and air. Salzburg is easily accessible from all directions due to its good position between Munich and Vienna. The city of Mozart is easily accessible because of a modern train station, a nearby airport, and numerous local and long-distance transport links.

How to travel to Salzburg

  • By air

Salzburg's primary transportation centre is the International Mozart Airport, which connects the city to important cities around Europe, particularly in Germany. Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Birmingham, London, Istanbul, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Vienna, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Zurich, and many more important cities offer direct flights to Salzburg. Visitors arriving from other countries can take connecting flights to Salzburg from major European cities such as Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London. British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, Turkish Carriers, Air Berlin, Austrian Airlines, Finnair, Easy Jet, Ryan Air, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, and other major airlines fly into Salzburg International Airport.

By Train

The Salzburg Hauptbahnhof is the city's major train station, and it is located in the city's New Town district. It connects Munich, Vienna, Zagreb, Budapest, Ljubljana, Zurich, Innsbruck, Cologne, Frankfurt, and more cities on a daily basis. For long distances and to regional locations within Austria, trains are the primary means of transportation.

By Bus

By bus, Salzburg is poorly connected to major European cities. However, you may go to Salzburg by bus from any city, but this would need numerous stops and transfers. Roads link Salzburg to cities in nearby nations such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Germany. The CK shuttle runs between Prague and Salzburg, while Eurobusways runs between Budapest and Salzburg. The majority of individuals choose to go by train because the journey might be somewhat long. On request, several tourism agencies may offer bus trips in and around Austrian towns. These may then be customised to include stops at all of Salzburg's major tourist attractions along the way.

Tips for travelling to Salzburg

  • Suggested itinerary

With a historic and tiny Old Town, you can see a lot of worthwhile things in a short amount of time while in Salzburg. It might be difficult to pick what to visit and how to make the most of your time, so we decided to do the legwork for you. Whether you'll be in town for a few days or a week, we've devised the finest strategy for getting you started.

  • Best time to vist Salzurg

Salzburg is one of the few timeless European cities worth visiting at any time of year. Summers are the biggest months, and it was rather busy, although most attractions had longer hours. The end of September is our favourite time to come since the leaves are changing colour around the Saint Rupert Festival. The celebration, which is similar to Munich's Oktoberfest, honours the founder of modern-day Salzburg.

The bike rides, as well as the surrounding ice caves and Hitler's Eagles Nest, are closed in the winter, but Salzburg is beautiful all year. Salzburg is postcard-perfect in the winter with new snow, and the Christmas market is one of Europe's greatest. You may get a taste of Medieval Krampus mixed in with the Christmas celebrations on most days during the holiday season.

  • Suggestions for staying

Because certain hotels are only open during the peak summer season, where you stay in Salzburg might be highly dependent on the time of year. During the summer, we recommend making a reservation at one of the seasonal hotels located directly over the Salzach River from Old Town. While the railway station area becomes too far away to stroll, just feet north of the river are a plethora of fantastic discounts.

Overall Salzburg is a treasure in itself that must be explored and you will be amazed to see how you have found your own missing pieces.



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