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Plan A Salzburg Tour This Christmas

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Christmas is a festival celebrated on the 25th of December marking the day of Jesus Christ's birth. Worldwide, people enjoy and rejoice greatly throughout the Christmas season. Days before the celebration, the preparations start. Everyone uses lights, flowers, and other ornamental objects to adorn their homes, gardens, and entrances. They also go Christmas tree shopping, which is a significant aspect of the holiday.

It is a festival of spreading happiness, meeting our loved ones, and sharing gifts. One significant Christmas custom that is practiced all around the world is gift giving. Children, friends, family members, and the less fortunate all receive gifts and food. People lend a hand to those who lack the means or finances to enjoy the celebration.

Salzburg is one of those places in the world where Christmas is a treat to be there, the city feels like a different magical place all over around.

Beyond Salzburg's two largest attractions, Mozart and The Sound of Music lies a city with a thriving culture, delectable cuisine, groomed parks, quiet side alleyways where classical music wafts from open windows, and performance venues that sustain musical tradition all over the year. Here are a few things to do in Salzburg during Christmas

Things You Can Do In Salzburg During Christmas:

The Christmas vibe all around the city will make you fall in love with the city:

Christmas decorations, both large and tiny, Christmas Street lighting, and other ornaments may be found all around the Old Town. Salzburg's winters are particularly charming around Christmas. Roam around the city to explore the city during Advent or take a stroll along the the Christmas Path.

Our Christmas Markets Are:

Salzburger Christkindl Market: One of the prettiest and oldest Christmas markets in the entire world is the legendary Salzburg market on Domplatz and Residenzplatz. The Salzburg Christmas market is something particularly remarkable because of its distinctive setting in the heart of Salzburg's World Heritage Old Town, the traditional booths, and its lengthy history. Christmas decorations that have been handblown and painted, wooden presents, delectable gingerbread, Kaiserschmarren (a sweet dish that resembles a pancake), and Haunsberger are all excellent purchases (round sandwich with sausage, mustard, sauerkraut and curry), Haustrunk, Gluehweinand the crescent-shaped, vanilla-flavouredVanillekipferl are Austria's two most well-known holiday treats (hot cider)

Christmas Market at the Mirabell Palace: In recent years, the Christmas market in front of Mirabell Palace has grown to become a popular destination for both children and adults. You are enticed to stay by the culinary treats, the mulled wine, and the stroll through the creatively adorned huts filled with unique things.

The historic splendour of Salzburg's Christmas market mesmerizes tourists.

The bus stop, multi-story parking lot, and train station are all close to the centre's Christmas market, making it accessible by several modes of transportation. Mulled wine, punch, and chocolate-covered apples are all excellent purchases. Hand-crafted clay things, beeswax candles, comfortable furs, fine jewellery, hand-carved Christmas displays, and incentives.

Sternadvent: The wonderfully adorned Sternarkaden, which is almost concealed between the Getreidegasse and the Griesgasse, has a unique Christmas market set up for your enjoyment.

Here, kids and adults experience an advent that is calmer, more enticing to the senses, and more lovely than they could ever conceive.

It is a location for lovely items, a festive atmosphere, traditional practices, and young happiness.

The source of Christmas' brilliant brightness must be this. Great items to purchase are wooden presents for the house or garden, nuts, candy, and other little gifts.

Fairy-tale Advent Market: Children and adults of all ages have traditionally enjoyed the Advent Market at Salzburg's entrance. The castle front, which has 24 windows, will resemble a giant Advent calendar starting in mid-November. In front of the Hellbrunn pleasure palace, a fairy-tale forest with over 700 conifers will be planted. The forest will be decorated with 10,000 red balls and fairy lights, which will cause the region to glow with unique glitz as dusk falls.

The Children's World of Christmas has more than just the brightest visitors' eyes. Children may cook sausages and eat them with bread straight at the campfire at the Müllner Scouts' camp. The time they spend waiting for "Christkind," our Austrian equivalent of Santa Claus, will be cut short if they write letters to him and post them at the Christmas post office, ride the Christmas train, or look at the various animals.

More traditional and artisanal crafts are wonderful purchases. A major factor in the success of the HellbrunnAdventzauber is our exhibitors. There are bound to be a lot of unusual items and excellent craftsmanship.

The Happening Musical Concerts:

Enjoy a sumptuous Candlelight Dinner at Hohensalzburg Fortress above the city roofs with a breathtaking and unrivalled view of the city and region during the Advent and Christmas concert.

After that, enjoy a top-notch concert performance. Listen to the Salzburg Mozart Ensemble and the Mozart Chamber Orchestra of Salzburg perform the most well-known Mozart and Strauss compositions in the old throne chamber of the castle museum that dates back to the 15th century.

Take the funicular from the Old Town to the fortress Hohensalzburg and enjoy this unique evening. The whole family will like it.

Mozart Dinner Concert: Enjoy an evening that transports you to the year 1790 at St. Peter Stiftskulinarium, the oldest restaurant in all of Europe.

The virtuoso musicians and vocalists of the Salzburg Mozart Consort bring W. A. Mozart's masterpieces to life with flair throughout supper.

The restaurant is in the Old Town, and getting there takes only a short cab ride or stroll. All those who enjoy both good meals and classical music will enjoy this experience.

Every day at 5 o'clock, choirs sing outside the Salzburg Cathedral.

Thursdays and Saturdays at 6:30 p.m., trumpet music is performed in the Salzburg Christmas Market.

Walk Around The City To Feel The Festive Vibes:

The Salzburg Christmas Market is one of the city's most well-liked seasonal events. It is a treat for your eyes to experience the great festive season here. This Christmas market is located at the Residenzplatz near the Salzburg Cathedraland is open from mid-November through December. Numerous holiday products, seasonal delicacies, and Christmas decorations are available there.

1. Discover the old town's historical sites by going on a private Salzburg Christmas tour.

Each tour includes free admission to a small Christmas exhibition where visitors can view hand-crafted nativity scenes, vintage Christmas ornaments, and historical costumes worn by St. Nicolaus and Krampus.

2. Wander through the Salzburg Christmas Market in Residence Square and Dom Square C. Go to the St. Peter District, the oldest Benedictine Monastery still in operation in Europe, which has a lovely cemetery and a bakery dating back to the 12th century D. The Salzburg Festival Hall is one of the venues used in the Sound of a Music film.

3. Stroll through the renowned retail avenue Getreidegasse to Mozart's Birthplace.

4. Free samples of freshly baked gingerbread and the renowned Mozartkugel.

chocolate is available. Visit the Salzburg Cathedral to witness the famed baptismal font (optional; entrance is 5 euros per person). Here, Joseph Mohr—the author of the carol "Silent Night, Holy Night"—was christened. Additionally, W.A. Mozart was baptised here.

5.Enjoy one of the nicest vistas of the iconic Hohensalzburg Fortress, the symbol of Salzburg.

6. Visitors may enjoy the historic trumpet music tradition known as "Turmblasen" on Thursdays and Saturdays. From three distinct towers around the Christmas Market, a few musicians play lovely music on their trumpets. One gets into the holiday mood as a result. You wish to remain still and listen to soothing music.

7. Look for other secret courtyards that host holiday markets.

8. There is an ice skating ring just adjacent to the Salzburg Christmas market where visitors may skate with residents while being surrounded by lovely lighting, music, and decorations.

● A Visit To The Great Salzburg Cathedral:

The most significant and noteworthy item of ecclesiastical architecture in Salzburg is the cathedral. Attain a feeling of peace and spirituality inside it. With its regal front and enormous dome, it is the most impressive early Baroque building north of the Alps. With its twin spires and bulbous copper dome as its caps, the cathedral stands out as a masterpiece of baroque architecture. The bronze entrances of the Cathedral represent faith, charity and hope.

● A View From The Top Of The Royal Hohensalzburg Fortress:

The Royal Hohensalzburg Fortress is located on the Monchsberg, perched above the Baroque historical district's roofs. Millions of people visit the city of Mozart each year thanks to this symbol of Salzburg, the biggest totally restored castle in Central Europe. Fairytale views of the Salzburg Cathedral and the Old Town may be had from the castle's ramparts.

The fortification's construction was mandated by Archbishop Gebhard in 1077, permanently changing Salzburg's skyline. The architecture of the stronghold was improved in the years that followed by his successors. The complex's current appearance dates around 1500 when Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach gave it that look. The principality and archbishops were to be protected by the fortification from outside invasions. In all these years, no foreign army has ever taken it.


Christmas is undoubtedly the best time of the year, so planning a trip to Salzburg will definitely make the festive more special and memorable. May this Christmas always be a time when God receives all the praise. Let's all celebrate the Savior and spread the good news about him. May we never lose sight of Christ's beauty during Christmas. Keep in mind that Jesus is the reason not just for the season, but for every day of our life.


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