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Residenzplatz at night

If there is anything that you can witness and compare to fairytales then it would definitely be Residenzplatz at night. This square amidst the tranquil city of Salzburg will literary spellbound you with the endless beauty it comprises.Salzburg's largest plaza is the Residenzplatz. It is home to the fifty-foot-high Residenzplatz Fountain, which is perhaps the most beautiful and opulent fountain outside of Italy. The Residenz was the home of Salzburg's Prince-Archbishops and is available all day for another sparkling nighttime visit.

Welcome to Mondsee on our Salzkammergut Tour

Join us for the unforgettable journey along with Lake Wolfgang to Mondsee. Almost as big as the Wolfgangsee and just as beautiful is the Mondsee in a wide basin directly on the stee

p, long Drachenwand. In the town of Mondsee, you can visit the large Basilica of St. Michael. Many visitors know it from films, but it is also suitable for weddings. No wonder, this centuries-old church makes everyone marvel at the beauty of the works of art.

Salzburg bike tour

Salzburg is the jewel of Europe and if you happen to get a chance to visit this incredible place then exploring it on bikes would be a delight in itself. See and experience more with your experienced guide by bike from the old town to the surroundings of Salzburg to the most beautiful viewpoints over the city. Our bike tour covers all the major destinations and we make sure that you are safe and enjoying the bike ride through.