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Salzkammergut Private Tour With Salzburg Experience

Updated: May 11, 2023

Imperial Summer Retreat in the Salzkammergut

Salzkammergut Private Full-day Tour
Salzkammergut Private Full-day Tour

Take a vacation to the Austrian Prealps' lake kingdom, where the diversified terrain is still developing in attractiveness. Beautiful mountain landscapes, emerald green lakes, pastoral idyll, historical sites, and a leisurely stroll through tiny towns are all available to visitors.

  • Boat trip over Fuschlsee, Wolfgangsee or Mondsee

  • Story(s) about the Salzkammergut

  • natural recharging and gaining energy

Experience Description

In the Salzkammergut, nature obviously shows off all its charms. The vast meadows of the foothills of the Alps, approx. 76 lakes, lovely mountain ridges, idyllic villages with a colourful variety of flowers and the striking limestone massifs of the Dachstein, Totem Gebirge and Höllengebirge mountains are full of contrasts and inspiration.

From Salzburg to Lake Fuschl

Drive to the lake region to bathing lakes that are clear to drink, turquoise and blue, and enjoy the Salzburg landscape up to our first stop. Schloss Fuschl offers a quiet, relaxed view over the entire Fuschlsee. The scent of the castle fishing tempts you to taste smoked char or rainanke.

St Gilgen am Wolfgangsee

After this brief stop, the journey continues to St. Gilgen. This small town is shaped by history and lives on tourism today. Mozart house, local history museum, gondolas, coffee houses, shops, Christmas market and shipping are just a few features.

The boat trip from St. Gilgen across Lake Wolfgang offers beautiful views of the lake. In just 40 minutes you end up in St. Wolfgang, another historic town in the Salzkammergut.

St. Wolfgang

Take the walk to the centre of the village. On the way, you will discover freshly baked gingerbread, lambskin goods for cold winter days and salt from the Salzkammergut. The special feature here is the well-known pilgrimage church of St. Wolfgang. Inside you will discover the well-preserved winged altar by Michael Pacher and the double altar by Thomas Schwanthaler, just a few of the special features of the church. And you will also find many stories and legends about Bishop Wolfgang in the form of wall plaques.

If time permits, treat yourself to a good lunch at Weisses Rössl am Wolfgangsee or in a coffee house. Who doesn't know the famous story of the Weißer Rössl at Lake Wolfgang? It was filmed here and people still like to talk about it.

From St. Wolfgang to Mondsee

The journey continues along with Lake Wolfgang to Mondsee. Almost as big as the Wolfgangsee and just as beautiful is the Mondsee in a wide basin directly on the steep, long Drachenwand. In the town of Mondsee, you can visit the large Basilica of St. Michael. Many visitors know it from films, but it is also suitable for weddings. No wonder, this centuries-old church makes everyone marvel at the beauty of the works of art.

Mondsee to Salzburg

Pause, switch off and recharge your batteries from the nature of the Salzkammergut while you learn more about the tradition of the costume, the living crafts of this region and the historical facts. The tour will soon end back in Salzburg, hopefully with nice impressions of the Salzkammergut.


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