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Your guide for Salzburg

Join us on a new adventure….

Traveling means getting to know places better, making the best use of your valuable time, learning about history, visiting famous landmarks, interacting with locals, listening to music, exploring the countryside, experiencing traditions and tasting local food.

Experience Salzburg - with Salzburg Experience
It's hard to believe that Salzburg Experience has been offering tours for over 10 years - in Salzburg, in the Salzburger Land and beyond.
After professional experience in the USA and throughout Europe, we decided to discover and experience Salzburg with you.

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Our mission is to show you the unique side of Salzburg and its surroundings to turn your trip into an unforgettable stay.


We love to bring the landscapes, districts, museums and monuments to life through stories.

We love to visit unique and famous historical sights, travel to green and lush alpine pastures, clear glacial lakes and impressive mountains. 

Above all, we love to taste culinary delicacies, such as our Salzburger Nockerln.

...and we love to share these experiences with you.


Get your special and unforgettable impressions - get your unique Salzburg experience.

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to all guests who have placed their trust in us. It was a pleasure for us to be able to share Salzburg's specialties with you. A warm WELCOME to all we
yet to meet.


We look forward to you!
Together we create your very personal experience in Salzburg –
with Salzburg Experience.


See you soon, Michaela Muhr & my team

Our team

MUHR_Michaela 2.jpg


After many years of experience abroad, I am happy to be able to live in Salzburg. I am enthusiastic about the diversity of the city and the proximity to the Salzkammergut with its refreshing lakes and impressive mountains.

I just want to show you this variety of history, music, culture and nature. 

Get to know a piece of Austria a little better. You will appreciate the beauty of this region - like so much of our country, there are many special places to explore.

I speak German and EngliscH



Salzburg fascinated me. But I grew up in Golling, not far from Salzburg. 

Tasteful, cosy, sociable and versatile - this is how you can experience Salzburg with me. There are many hidden nooks or special highlights with real life stories to add humorous and informative facts to your stay.

I'll show you what's special about Salzburg - let yourself be surprised.

I speak German, English, Spanish and Italian

Barbara im Dirndl.jpeg


Working as an Austria Guide has greatly enriched my life. I have always been very interested in history and culture. 

And thanks to my Italian roots, it's easy for me  

to talk about Salzburg's treasures from Roman times, but also about the hidden art treasures.

How strongly Salzburg's history   is linked to Italian history, I'd be happy to tell and show you in more detail during a private tour.


I speak German, Italian and English



I feel at home in many places, but Salzburg has become another home for me over the past 30 years. I love this city! Because what could be nicer for a musician than in the. to be able to live in the birthplace of Mozart. Salzbrug combines music, history and nature in a wonderful way and is many a secret. I'll tell you about it!

I speak German and Spanish

Carola Schmidt.jpg


I passionately completed my studies in art history and law in Salzburg. I was also interested in the  

Training in the field of textile creation and design and as a church leader.

Well, with so much knowledge, I always need good food... and there's plenty of that in Salzburg. I would be happy to show you between the cultural highlights in the city where the best student food or the best appetizers can be found at a bargain price.

I speak German and  English



My passion lies in the life stories of famous people, in literature and in nature.

As Austria Guide, I would be happy to show you Salzburg, the Salzburg city mountains or the beautiful old town of Hallein. I don't want to deprive you of extraordinarily beautiful views over the city of Salzburg or the stories of Hallein.

I speak German and Italian

PHOTO-2020-04-13-20-42-59 2.jpg


I was gripped by travel fever many years ago. 

As an Austria Guide and as a travel companion I see many places and landscapes. 

But Salzburg is still my favorite place. 

So much culture surrounded by beautiful nature - that's what makes Salzburg special. I would be happy to show you some of the most beautiful places during your stay.

I speak German and EngliscH



Salzburg has grown on me. I like to walk to work or ride my bike. It allows me to capture the calm and atmosphere of the city and pass it on to my guests.

I would be happy to show you in an entertaining way what I like so much about Salzburg.

I speak German, English and Dutch



My job as an Austria Guide fuels my curiosity and also helps me in my search for new perspectives, insights, insights and experiences. 

If you are also curious, I would be happy to give you a closer look at the culture and cuisine 

the old town of Salzburg.

I look forward to it.

I speak German and English

Christian Laserer.jpg


As a native of Salzburg, I would like to welcome you to one of the most beautiful cities.

Cycling from where I live in Seekirchen am Wallersee  to the city and taking a walk over the picturesque city mountains is always an experience for me.

As a trained Austria Guide and hiking guide, I would be happy to accompany you to the most beautiful viewpoints on the Kapuzinerberg and Mönchsberg as well as in the beautiful Salzkammergut.

I speak German and English

Sissi Schur.jpg


Many trips to European countries showed me that every place is full of stories and emotions.

And it's the people who write these stories. 

As an Austria Guide, it has become my passion to tell you some interesting stories about Salzburg.

There is so much joie de vivre, culture and music in the people of this city, which has shaped many free spirits and lateral thinkers.

I hope I can share my passion for  Salzburg with you on a private tour.

I speak German, English, Italian and French

Gaisberg Wolfgang L.jpg


If you would like to cycle through Salzburg or in the Salzkammergut in a sporty way, I would be happy to show you the sights along the cycle paths.

I would also be happy to tell you about exciting historical events in the old town of Salzburg or drive with you to Oberndorf, Berchtesgaden or Hallstatt.

During a private guided tour there will certainly be interesting technical discussions, whereby it should be an exchange of stories and experiences on both sides.


I speak German and English

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